Fluid Power Training Systems for Education and Industry

Our developing Fluid Power Training equipment line includes products designed for two primary two tiers; the first relating to introductory or secondary school applications; and the second relating to advanced or applying our modular approach, with a range of supplementary equipment selections allowing for convenient expansion base systems to match any specialized need.

Incorporating full-size industrial components from leading manufacturers such as Norgren, Sun Equipment, and others, our fluid power products deliver the same industrial quality and industrial relevancy found in our other lines.

Product Line Expansion and Refinement Implementation Planned for January 2015

In keeping with other primary product lines, we have a variety of improvements and refinements planned for fluid power range. Visit regularly to see these product additions as we add them.

New product initiatives are being established for expanded electro-hydraulic, & electro-pneumaticproduct improvements, as well as a full line of hydraulic pump cutaways, and a range of supplemental components allowing the customer to customize your training aid(s) to match your specific Fluid Power Training goals.